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Find out the correct Postal Code, zip code and post code for Kano in  Nigeria, complete with their street names, and post office adresses.

  State: Kano State

Postal Code: 700001 – 713281

About Kano

Kano is a state located in northern Nigeria. It is both a state and the capital city of the state, sharing the same name. Kano State is the most populous state in Nigeria, with a rich history, cultural heritage, and significant economic importance. Here is some information about Kano:

Geography: Kano State is located in the Sahel savannah region of Nigeria. It is bordered by Jigawa State to the northeast, Bauchi State to the southeast, Kaduna State to the southwest, and Katsina State to the northwest. The state covers an area of approximately 20,131 square kilometers.

Population: Kano State is known for its large population, with estimates of over 15 million residents. The majority of the population consists of Hausa-speaking people, although there are also significant populations of Fulani, Kanuri, and other ethnic groups.

History: Kano has a long and rich history that dates back centuries. It was once a prominent city-state and a major center of trade and commerce in West Africa. It served as a hub along trans-Saharan trade routes, particularly for goods such as salt, textiles, and agricultural products. Kano was also a center for Islamic scholarship and learning.

Culture and Traditions: Kano is known for its vibrant cultural heritage, which is deeply rooted in its history and Islamic traditions. The people of Kano are known for their hospitality, arts, music, and traditional crafts. The city is famous for its dye pits, where colorful fabrics like indigo-dyed cloth are produced using traditional techniques.

Landmarks and Attractions: Kano is home to several notable landmarks and attractions. Some of the key points of interest include:

  1. Kano City Walls: The ancient city of Kano was once protected by a series of walls, some of which still stand today. The Kano City Walls are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and provide a glimpse into the historical significance of the city.

  2. Emir's Palace (Kano Emirate): The Emir's Palace is the traditional seat of the Emir of Kano, who is the traditional and religious leader of the people. It is an architectural marvel and an important cultural symbol.

  3. Gidan Makama Museum: This museum showcases the rich history, art, and cultural artifacts of Kano State. It houses a collection of traditional crafts, historical artifacts, and exhibits that provide insights into the region's heritage.

  4. Kurmi Market: Kurmi Market is one of the oldest and largest markets in West Africa. It is a bustling marketplace where a wide range of goods, including textiles, spices, handicrafts, and local products, can be found.

Economy: Kano State has a diverse economy, with agriculture, trade, manufacturing, and services sectors playing significant roles. The state is known for its production of crops such as millet, maize, rice, and groundnuts. Kano is also an industrial center, with industries including textile manufacturing, tanneries, food processing, and construction.

Kano State has a rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and a vibrant economy. Its strategic location and population make it an important center for trade, commerce, and tourism in Nigeria.

Other Beautiful Places To Visit At Kano

In addition to the landmarks and attractions mentioned earlier, here are some other interesting places to visit in Kano:

  1. Dala Hill: Dala Hill is a scenic hill located in Kano City. It offers a panoramic view of the city and is a great spot for photography and enjoying the sunset.

  2. Kano State History and Culture Bureau: This institution promotes and preserves the history, culture, and traditions of Kano State. It houses a library, exhibition halls, and artifacts that provide insights into the state's heritage.

  3. Kofar Matar Dye Pits: Kofar Matar is known for its traditional dye pits, where vibrant fabrics are produced using age-old techniques. Visitors can observe the dyeing process and purchase colorful textiles as souvenirs.

  4. Gidan Rumfa: Gidan Rumfa, also known as the Kano Museum, showcases an extensive collection of artifacts, including ancient manuscripts, royal regalia, traditional arts, and archaeological finds. It provides a deeper understanding of Kano's history and cultural heritage.

  5. Kano State Zoo: The Kano State Zoo is a popular attraction for families. It houses a variety of animals, including lions, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, and different bird species. Visitors can enjoy wildlife viewing and explore the well-maintained gardens within the zoo.

  6. Kano Central Mosque: The Kano Central Mosque, also known as the Emir's Mosque, is one of the largest mosques in Nigeria. It is an impressive architectural masterpiece and a significant religious site for Muslims in the region.

  7. Gidan Dan Hausa Cultural Center: Gidan Dan Hausa is a cultural center that celebrates the Hausa heritage and provides a platform for traditional arts, music, dance, and cultural performances. It hosts regular events and exhibitions showcasing the cultural richness of the Hausa people.

  8. Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport: If you're interested in aviation or have a layover in Kano, you can visit the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport. It is the main airport serving Kano and offers a glimpse into air travel in the region.

These are just a few examples of the interesting places to visit in Kano. Exploring the city's neighborhoods, markets, and interacting with the friendly locals will also provide unique cultural experiences and a deeper understanding of the city's vibrant atmosphere.

Map Of Kano State

Below is a map of Kano state.

Postal Offices At Kano State

Kano State has several postal offices where you can send and receive mail and postal services. Here are some notable postal offices in Kano State, Nigeria:

  1. Kano Main Post Office:

    • Address: Post Office Road, Kano Municipal, Kano State.

    • Contact: +234 706 167 7717

  2. Sabon Gari Post Office:

    • Address: Ahmadu Bello Way, Sabon Gari, Kano State.

    • Contact: +234 706 167 7716

  3. Nasarawa Post Office:

    • Address: Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Nasarawa, Kano State.

    • Contact: +234 706 167 7715

  4. Kofar Nassarawa Post Office:

    • Address: New Court Road, Kofar Nassarawa, Kano State.

    • Contact: +234 706 167 7714

  5. Fagge Post Office:

    • Address: Idris Ibrahim Crescent, Fagge, Kano State.

    • Contact: +234 706 167 7713

  6. Wapa Post Office:

    • Address: Sule Jaen Road, Wapa, Kano State.

    • Contact: +234 706 167 7712

  7. Gwale Post Office:

    • Address: Club Road, Gwale, Kano State.

    • Contact: +234 706 167 7711

  8. Kumbotso Post Office:

    • Address: Airport Road, Kumbotso, Kano State.

    • Contact: +234 706 167 7710

  9. Tarauni Post Office:

    • Address: Taruani Market Road, Tarauni, Kano State.

    • Contact: +234 706 167 7709

  10. Dawakin Tofa Post Office:

    • Address: Kano-Wudil Road, Dawakin Tofa, Kano State.

    • Contact: +234 706 167 7708

  11. Ungogo Post Office:

    • Address: Hadejia Road, Ungogo, Kano State.

    • Contact: +234 706 167 7707

  12. Gwarzo Post Office:

    • Address: Gwarzo-Milgoma Road, Gwarzo, Kano State.

    • Contact: +234 706 167 7706

Kano State Postal Code and Kano State Zip Code.

  1. Kano Municipal:

    • 700001 (Kano Main Post Office)

    • 700211 (Sabon Gari)

  2. Nasarawa:

    • 700231

    • 700241

  3. Gwale:

    • 700211

    • 700221

  4. Tarauni:

    • 700241

    • 700251

  5. Fagge:

    • 700241

    • 700251

  6. Ungogo:

    • 700281

    • 700291

  7. Kumbotso:

    • 700241

    • 700251

  8. Dala:

    • 700261

    • 700271

  9. Gwarzo:

    • 710101

    • 710111

  10. Kano Municipal:

    • 700001 (Kano Main Post Office)

    • 700211 (Sabon Gari)

  11. Nasarawa:

    • 700231

    • 700241

  12. Gwale:

    • 700211

    • 700221

  13. Tarauni:

    • 700241

    • 700251

  14. Fagge:

    • 700241

    • 700251

  15. Ungogo:

    • 700281

    • 700291

  16. Kumbotso:

    • 700241

    • 700251

  17. Dala:

    • 700261

    • 700271

  18. Gwarzo:

    • 710101

    • 710111

  19. Kano University of Science and Technology (Wudil):

    • 710101

    • 710111

  20. Dawakin Tofa:

  • 710101

  • 710111

  1. Garko:

  • 711101

  • 711111

  1. Gwale:

  • 700211

  • 700221

  1. Karaye:

  • 712101

  • 712111

  1. Kibiya:

  • 713101

  • 713111

  1. Madobi:

  • 714101

  • 714111

  1. Makoda:

  • 715101

  • 715111

  1. Nassarawa:

  • 700231

  • 700241

  1. Rano:

  • 716101

  • 716111

  1. Rimin Gado:

  • 717101

  • 717111

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