Badagry Postal Codes: The CORRECT Zip Codes For Badagry

Find out the correct Postal Code, Zip Code and Post Code for Badagry in Lagos, Nigeria complete with its Post Office address.

State: Lagos State

Postal Code: 103101

LGA: Badagary

About Badagry

Badagry Postal Codes: The CORRECT Zip Codes For Badagry

Badagry is a coastal town located in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is situated on the south-western border of Nigeria, sharing boundaries with the Republic of Benin. Badagry is historically significant as it played a crucial role in the transatlantic slave trade era.

Here are some key facts about Badagry:

  1. History: Badagry has a rich historical background, particularly concerning its involvement in the slave trade. It was one of the major slave ports in West Africa, serving as a transit point for enslaved Africans who were transported across the Atlantic. Many historical sites and relics related to the slave trade can still be found in Badagry today.

  2. Attractions and Landmarks: Badagry is home to several historical and cultural landmarks that attract tourists and visitors. Some notable attractions include:

    • The Badagry Heritage Museum: Located in the heart of Badagry, the museum exhibits artifacts, documents, and relics from the slave trade era, showcasing the history and heritage of the town.

    • The Slave Route and Point of No Return: This route was taken by enslaved Africans from the town to the Atlantic Ocean, where they were loaded onto ships. The Point of No Return is a symbolic spot marking the final departure point for the slaves.

    • The First Storey Building in Nigeria: Known as the "São João Batista Church," it is considered the first storey building in Nigeria and is a popular historical site in Badagry.

    • The Agia Tree Monument: This ancient tree, also known as the Vlekete Slave Market, was a gathering point for slaves before being sold. It serves as a powerful reminder of the town's slave trade history.

  3. Culture and Festivals: Badagry has a vibrant cultural heritage with a mix of different ethnic groups, including the Awori and Egun people. The town celebrates various festivals throughout the year, such as the Badagry Festival and the Gbegbe Festival, which showcase traditional music, dance, and customs.

  4. Beaches: Badagry boasts picturesque beaches along its coastline, offering serene and relaxing environments for leisure and recreation. Whispering Palms Resort and Topo Beach are popular destinations for beach lovers.

  5. Economic Activities: Fishing, agriculture, and tourism are significant economic activities in Badagry. Fishing communities thrive along the coast, while agriculture involves the cultivation of crops such as cassava, plantain, and palm produce.

  6. Border Town: Badagry shares a border with the Republic of Benin, and the Seme Border, one of Nigeria's busiest border crossings, is located nearby. It serves as a major trade route between Nigeria and Benin.

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Badagry is an important historical and cultural town that offers visitors a glimpse into Nigeria's past, particularly the transatlantic slave trade. Its landmarks, museums, and festivals make it a compelling destination for those interested in history, heritage, and cultural tourism.

Beautiful Places To Visit At Badagry

In addition to the historical sites related to the slave trade, Badagry offers other interesting places to visit. Here are a few notable attractions:

  1. Vlekete Slave Market: This market was a central hub for slave transactions during the slave trade era. Today, it serves as a memorial site that provides insights into the history of slave trading in the region.

  2. Seriki Abass Slave Museum: Located in the compound of the Seriki Abass, the head of the Brazilian returnees in Badagry, this museum showcases artifacts, documents, and exhibits related to the slave trade and the return of freed slaves from Brazil.

  3. Mobee Royal Family Slave Relics Museum: Situated in the palace of the Akran of Badagry, this museum houses various relics and artifacts associated with the slave trade, including chains, shackles, and other historical items.

  4. Badagry Marina: The marina in Badagry is a scenic waterfront area where visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. It offers a peaceful atmosphere and is an ideal spot for relaxation and contemplation.

  5. Badagry Heritage Museum: Apart from its focus on the slave trade, the museum also provides insights into the general history, culture, and traditions of the Badagry people. It showcases traditional arts, crafts, and cultural artifacts.

  6. The Agia Tree Monument: This ancient tree, as mentioned before, is a powerful symbol of the slave trade era. It serves as a reminder of the struggles and resilience of the enslaved Africans and their journey through the transatlantic slave trade.

  7. Topo Badagry Beach: Located along the coastline, Topo Beach is a serene and picturesque beach known for its clear waters and sandy shores. It offers a relaxing atmosphere for sunbathing, picnics, and water sports.

  8. Whispering Palms Resort: Situated in Badagry, Whispering Palms Resort is a popular getaway destination that offers accommodation, recreational facilities, and access to the beach. It is an excellent place to unwind and enjoy the natural surroundings.

  9. Badagry Heritage Museum Complex: This complex includes the Badagry Heritage Museum, a black heritage gallery, and a research center. It provides a comprehensive experience for visitors to learn about the history, culture, and heritage of Badagry.

  10. Badagry Slave Route Walk: Take a guided tour along the historical slave route, starting from the Point of No Return and tracing the path taken by enslaved Africans to the ocean. It is a powerful and educational experience that helps connect with the town's history.

These attractions and sites in Badagry offer visitors a deeper understanding of the town's history, culture, and natural beauty. Exploring these places provides an opportunity to reflect on the past while appreciating the resilience and cultural heritage of the Badagry people.

Postal Offices At Badagry

Below are a list of some post office at Badagry with its address.

  1. Badagry Post Office: Address: Hospital Road, Badagry, Lagos State.

  2. Ajara Post Office: Address: Opposite Ajara Police Station, Badagry, Lagos State.

  3. Agbara Post Office: Address: Agbara Industrial Estate, Badagry, Lagos State.

  4. Seme Post Office: Address: Seme Border, Badagry, Lagos State.

  5. Ibereko Post Office: Address: Ibereko, Badagry, Lagos State.

  6. Topo Post Office: Address: Topo, Badagry, Lagos State.

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Badagry Postal and Zip Codes

Here are some postal codes for different areas in Badagry, Lagos State, Nigeria.

  1. Badagry Central:

    • Postal Code: 103101

  2. Ajara:

    • Postal Code: 103102

  3. Seme Border:

    • Postal Code: 103103

  4. Ibereko:

    • Postal Code: 103104

  5. Topo:

    • Postal Code: 103105

  6. Agbara Industrial Estate:

    • Postal Code: 103106

  7. Badagry Expressway:

    • Postal Code: 103107

  8. Oko-Afo:

    • Postal Code: 103108

  9. Aradagun:

    • Postal Code: 103109

  10. Ilogbo Eremi:

    • Postal Code: 103110

  11. Ajido:

    • Postal Code: 103111

  12. Gbaji:

    • Postal Code: 103112

  13. Imeke:

    • Postal Code: 103113

  14. Iberekodo:

    • Postal Code: 103114

  15. Mowo:

    • Postal Code: 103115

  16. Mosafejo:

    • Postal Code: 103116

  17. Edukiti:

    • Postal Code: 103117

  18. Awhanjigoh:

    • Postal Code: 103118

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