Ipaja Postal Code: The CORRECT Zip Codes For Ipaja

Find out the postal code, zip code and post code for Ipaja in Lagos State, Nigeria, complete with their street names and post office addresses.

City: Ipaja
Postal Code: 100278
LGA: Alimisho

About Ipaja

If you are looking for a cheap place to stay in Lagos, that is a bit standard and your budget is within 150-200k, then Ipaja is definitely one of the places you should start searching from. This area is not so populated and it has a lot of low-income State owned and private owned housing properties. 

Another interesting thing about Ipaja is its bad roads. This place is terrible to go to in the raining season and despite the complaints from it's residents, the government of Nigeria is yet to do anything about it as at the time of writing this article. This is one of the reasons why the area is not bubbling with good eye catching hotels, schools, interesting night clubs etc. 

Postal Offices in Ipaja

  • Ipaja Post office:289 Post Office Bus Stop, Old Ipaja Rd, Lagos, Nigeria. 08034041494
  • Agege Post Office :J8FF+FJJ, Agege Motor Rd, Papa Ashafa 102212, Lagos

Map of Ipaja postal code

Ipaja is a village in Alimosho and it is located in the Igbogilla and Akinyele villages. The localities on Ipaja includes: Egbeda, Iyana-paja and Igando. Below is a map of Ipaja. 

ipaja postal & zip codes


Below is a list of the Areas at Ipaja and it's Postal code. 

  • Azzez Oladusu Street- 100278
  • Ayobo Street - 100278
  • Ayishefe Street - 100278
  • Ayilara streer-100278
  • Association Avaenue-100278
  • Ashipa Village-100278
  • Asalu Lawal Street - 100278
  • Alao Street-100278
  • Akinwande Street - 100278
  • Akintola Road-100278
  • Akinniyi Street-100278
  • Aina Obembe Street-100278
  • Adeyemi Obe street-100278
  • Adeosun Street-100278
  • Adenifi street-100278
  • Adebayo Street - 100278
  • Abodurin Street - 100278
  • Abesan Housing Street - 100278
  • Abayomi Street - 100278
  • Baruwa Village - 100278
  • Bada Village - 100278
  • Command Road-100278
  • CandosVillage-100278
  • Chike college Road-100278
  • Eso Street-100278
  • Egunjobi Street-100278
  • Egundupe Street - 100278
  • Fatona samonu Street-100278
  • Fatolu Road-100278
  • Fatanwa Street-100278
  • Falola Close-100278
  • Fagbemi Street-100278
  • Fadairu Street-100278
  • Gbadamosi Opeselebikin- 100278
  • Ilumolkola Street-100278
  • Ikola Gbenajelkola-100278
  • John Street-100278
  • Karimu Street - 100278
  • Lawrence Layout-100278
  • Majekodunmi Street-100278
  • Maborukoje Street-100278

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