Gwagwalada Postal Code: The CORRECT Zip Codes For Gwagwalada

Gwagwalada postal code, zip code and post code in FCT Abuja with their street names and post office addresses.

If you are reading this, am sure you don't know that Gwagwalada was created on the 15th of October 1984..well if you didn't know formerly, now you do😁

History of Gwagwalada 

You can find Gwagwalada in Abuja. Gwagwalada was formerly under the Kwali district which is the former Abuja empire. As at the census held in 2006,the population of Gwagwalada was 158,618 and of course it should have tripped by now. Gwagwalada is one out of the Local Government Areas at FCT(Federal Caputal Territory). The other Local Government Areas include: Kuje, Kwali, Bwari, Abaji etc. 

Gwagwalada operates under an Executive Chairman and its council consists of 10 councilors that represent the ten wards of the council. They include:Gwako, Paikonkore, Zuba, Dobi, Kutunku, Ibwa, Tunga Majae, Ikwa, quaters and central. 

The current Chairman of Gwagwalada is is Hon. Adamu Mustapha Danze. 

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Post Office at Gwagwalada with their Address and Phone Number

Nigerian Postal Service Gwagwalada branch:

NO 1 secretariat road, beside Atlas Hotel, 902101, Gwagwalada, Federal Capital Territory. 

Map of Gwagwalada 

Below is the map of Gwagwalada Council Area, F.C.T Abuja

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Postal Code for Gwagwalada and Zip Codes for Gwagwalada 

Below are the areas in Gwagwalada and their postal codes. 

  1. Akyakyata-902101
  2. Akwai-902101
  3. Aguwar-Madaki-902101
  4. Atopi-902101
  5. Anguwar Hausawa-902101
  6. Anguwar Sarki-902101
  7. Aluwamo-902101
  8. Boka-902101
  9. Bargada Bassa-902101
  10. Biyu-902101
  11. Basa-902101
  12. Barsan Zuba-902101
  13. Chzako-902101
  14. Chaboda-902101
  15. Chitumu-902101
  16. Doni-902101
  17. Dobi-902101
  18. Diko-902101
  19. Dawaki-902101
  20. Doruwa-902101
  21. Dikwa Kotwa-902101
  22. Didan Tujura-902101
  23. Dikwa Gwari-902101
  24. Dada-902101
  25. Dadabiri-902101
  26. Dada Gongo-902101
  27. Damin Kara-902101
  28. Eadobo-902101
  29. Gyabiri-902101
  30. Gwari-902101
  31. Gwaywalada-902101
  32. Gwaka-902101
  33. Gwale-902101
  34. Gurfata-902101
  35. Gurfata Sarbo-902101
  36. Gulupe-902101
  37. Gurfa Gongo-902101
  38. Gurebare-902101
  39. Gongo-902101
  40. Goi sabo-902101
  41. Goi-902101
  42. Gari Godoso-902101
  43. Gbadolo-902101
  44. Gidan Ango-902101
  45. Gidan Dandu-902101
  46. Gidan Gade-902101
  47. Gidan Golo-902101
  48. Gidan Yaro-902101
  49. Hangada Abdu-902101
  50. Hangada Bassa-902101
  51. Ikwa-9021010
  52. Islom Fulani-902101
  53. Islom Bassa-902101
  54. Ibbo-902101
  55. Ibwa-902101
  56. Ibwa sarki-902101
  57. Jiwape-902101
  58. Jalita Gongo-902101
  59. Jigodo-902101

If you haven't seen your community here, don't fret. Wherever you are, as long as you are under Gwagwalada your postal code is 902101.

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